About Me

My Core attributes

About Me

My Core attributes

Brief Bio

Kevyn is a dynamic leader who inspires and energizes teams to create beautiful things. His claim to fame at several start-ups was putting the right people in the right places, and having fun while doing it. When he isn't learning about new technology, he spends time building stuff, taking walks with his wife, asking people questions, and surf-kayaking in Oceanside.


Core Attributes

I consider myself a jack-of-all-trades because I can do a lot of different things. But the following attributes are what bring me the most success:

  • Leadership

    Influence goes deep

    I love leading people: clients and staff. And from my experience, the best way to lead is through a situational approach that empowers people, not by using authority. I influence people by demonstrating that successful outcomes are mutual. And when people feel like they've been led well, everyone wins.

  • Creativity

    Expect to be surprised

    For me, creativity is using one’s imagination to come up with something new and surprising. And I have found that its the best skill to have when trying to solve problems. When a project takes a bad turn, I come up with creative solutions. When the client doesn't get it, I find a new way to explain it.

  • Organization

    Everything has its place

    Organizing comes naturally for me. It's just what I do. Outlines, lists, and agendas are tools I have used at every job I've ever had; organizing projects, prioritizing client deliverables, and maintaining schedules. I use this skill with all projects, getting things done on time, and with the client's complete satisfaction.

Some of my Skills

Some of my Favorites

  • Activities

    Snowboarding, fly fishing, surf-kayaking, woodworking, trying new restaurants, watching NFL, hanging out with friends, asking questions, laughing, hiking, camping, and discussing philosophy

  • Things

    Simple and clean websites, Ansel Adams photography, hand-cut dovetails, 18 year old scotch, green olives, craftsmanship, FastCompany magazine, Vampire Weekend, and the 1971 Plymouth Barracuda.

  • Right Now

    Podcasts: Design Matters, Six Pixels of Separation, The Accidental Creative, and Freakonomics. Books:Creativity,Inc. by Ed Catmul, Hooked by Nir Eyal, GrowthHacker Marketing by Ryan Holiday, and Ctrl Alt Delete by Mitch Joel


My thinking about ideas


My thinking about ideas

What I Really Believe

We all have underlying beliefs about the world. Here are three of my core beliefs:

  • Relationships Matter

    "People join your team primarily for the mission, but they stay primarily for the relationships."
    ~ Kevyn Horton

    I have learned that the relationship a leader has with his/her team is the most critical component in retaining great talent. If you don't build a mutually beneficial relationship with your people, they won't stay very long. I came to this conclusion after an un-leaderlike moment during my time as a creative director.

  • Beauty is Everywhere

    “And the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.”
    ~ T.S. Eliot

    What I have come to realize is that beauty is intrinsic in all natural things. We just need to recognize it. So my goal is to take the time to see the beauty in every area of life. From the actual fragrance of a rose, to the shining moon in a dark sky. Look closely—beauty is everywhere.

  • Simple is Profound

    “Beauty of style and harmony and grace and good rhythm depends on simplicity.”
    ~ Plato

    I have always been amazed by the moon. It is beautiful. And it simply reflects the light of the sun. Simple purpose, with profound beauty and significance. With this example, I truly believe that the simpler a thing is, the more profound it’s impact. No fluff. No add-ons. Simple yet profound.

Me @

your company

Me @

your company

Why Me?

If you need someone who has the leadership to rally the team, professionalism present to high-end clients, but has the strategic and organization skills to develop and implement the project to a flawless completion, and still have fun, I'm your man.

  • Client Master

    I really enjoy people, and love making sure the clients needs are met. I can maintain, grow and strengthen relationships, and deliver a fantastic experience for all in my care. I know I'm doing my job right when the client feels well taken care of.

  • Team Leader

    I know how to work with designers, developers, clients and stakeholders of all types in a collaborative team environment, leading and making sure that everyone has everything they need to get the project done on-time and on-budget.

  • Problem Solver

    I know how to identify project risks, and create mitigation strategies. I use my knack for creative problem solving to eliminate the concerns that might disrupt or threaten the project or budget.


The places I've worked


The places I've worked

Variety prevails

My resume might have a little more variety than most people, but my responsibilities have been similar throughout: lead & manage people, strategize, organize and run projects. Paper Resume

  • Project Manager & Product Manager

    PINT, Inc. / ZingChart.com

    Managed web-development projects, orchestrated teams, and championed an amazing product.

  • E-Learning Designer & Content Developer

    The Ken Blanchard Companies

    Transformed static storyboards into fun, interactive, and visually appealing lessons

  • Presentation Designer & Operations Manager

    Invictus Consulting

    Turned complex trial facts into understandable presentations, using CAD details, that convinced the jury

  • CAD Designer

    ICR Services

    Designed user-friendly CAD details that made ICR the go-to consultant for waterproofing

  • Production Manager

    Paradigm Construction Services

    Led design team to help grow small consultancy to a $6 million firm with high-end reports

  • Project Manager & Operations

    Horton Construction, Inc.

    Managed projects, day-to-day operations, and put bags on and framed houses

  • Business Dev Manager

    Outreach, Inc.

    Established national business development team that brought in $2.4 million annually

  • Creative Arts Director

    Inland Hills Church

    Empowered teams of artists that created compelling music, drama & video productions


A collection of some of my work.


A collection of some of my work.

Powerpoint Makeover
February 2015

Designed graphics and layout for this slide deck to replace an old one. Used Powerpoint, Illustrator and Photoshop.

Intro Video
January 2015

Designed and created a platform introduction video for new web app. Used Screenflow and Adobe AfterEffects

July 2014

Brainstormed concept and designed infographic, showing the results of an internal survey. Created graphics and textures from scratch in Illustrator

Learning Badges
May 2014

Designed badges for e-learning course, to be displayed on the users profile page after they completed certain sections of the course

April 2014

Designed graphics and created a motion graphic for an e-learning course on interpersonal communication

March 2014

Designed graphics and created a motion graphic for an e-learning course on Maslow's hierarchy of needs

February 2014

Designed graphics and created a motion graphic for an e-learning course on leadership levels, competence and commitment.

JavaScript Interaction
January 2014

Coded a JavaScript interaction to be used for instant feedback in an e-learning lesson.

Water Test
December 2013

Designed CAD details to show the exact location of a spray test to the exterior of a historic building in downtown New York

Deck Repair
November 2013

Designed CAD details to show how the building was leaking, and what the repair protocol should be

Jury Powerpoint
July 2012

Designed graphics, drew CAD details and prepared a jury-winning PowerPoint slide presentation that explained the construction defects

3D Stickers
January 2002

Designed graphics for product packaging

Hire Me

Go ahead and make my day!

Hire Me

Go ahead and make my day!

  • Let me be honest. If you need someone to spruce up your old slide deck, build a website, or design a killer graphic, I would be stoked to help. But my specialty is working with people.

    Instead, consider hiring me. Then together we can make beautiful things that make a difference in the world.

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